Notable Headlines, Commentaries, and Youtubes 4/14/15

It’s been over a week since my last one, so this will be pretty extensive. I will be covering all the pertinent stuff on Wednesday on Renegade Broadcasting. Considering that I have committed to doing weekly radio shows, I don’t think I’ll have time to do write ups anymore. Just the round ups.


Michael Bloomberg reportedly ‘considering’ running for mayor of London

Soldiers Were Lectured On ‘White Privilege’ At Equal Opportunity Briefing

Army says diversity training sent wrong signal about ‘white privilege’

Alabama: “#WhiteGenocide” message covered up

Dutch Soccer fans boast Nazi heritage at game, chant ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas’

Italy rescues 1500 migrants in Mediterranean in one day

Poll: Yes to more aggressive deportations, no to welfare, citizenship for kids of illegals


White prof: white people suffer from ‘white fragility

Millennials are just about as racist as their parents

White professors sue Alabama State for discrimination

Another eleven black on white murders

Unhappy Jewish America

White House Mocks Bibi on Twitter

Clorox tweet can’t be bleached away

Marine Le Pen, Leader of France’s National Front Party, Splits With Her Father, Its Founder

Far-right French party founder Le Pen rebuffs daughter’s call to quit

France’s Le Pen pulls out of election after row with daughter

Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Rivarol Interview

Latest White House feature: Gender-neutral restroom

Obama Rhetoric on Israel Sets a New Precedent

Rand Paul calls for decriminalizing everything that disproportionately incarcerates blacks

Bond Can’t Be Black, Says First Black Bond Villian Yaphet Kotto

Afrikaner singer chains herself to vandalised South African statue

Satellite Feed Drops Stormfront and David Duke Radio

DC lawyer was lured to his death over craigslist

The president of Ecuador just tweeted “Heil Hitler”

Negro-Jap Beauty Demands Nation be Flooded with Third-World Hordes

The Personification of ‘He Didn’t Do Nothing’…Shock as black judge expresses racial solidarity with black home invader

Black Judge Slams White Child’s “Black Men”

Fear: Black-Run America (BRA) Moves Irrevocably to a Judgement of its Own Making

Walter Scott may have attacked Slager after all

Surprise: Walter Scott’s passenger is a known gangbanger

Fight racist demons, top EU lawmaker says at Nazi camp ceremony


On Jewish Privilege and the “Dictator Mentality”

Game of Thrones and the Promotion of Incest by Jewish Hollywood

Is It Fashionable to be Mentally Retarded?

“White Privilege” and the New Rhetoric of Anti-Semitism [Enemy commentary, durr]

How the Jews took over America

Colin Liddell, “The Need for German Moral Rearmament” | Counter-Currents Publishing

Lewis Carroll: Another Intelligent Man of History Who Hated Jews

Does Jewishness matter?

Officer Michael Slager, White Man

“German Women” Speech by Joseph Goebbels

The Jew as Criminal by Julius Streicher (Book and Audiobook)

Following Pro-White Backlash New Republic Shuts Down Commenting On Anti-White Article Written By A Subversive Jew

Banana Peel Thrown at Black Comedian Dave Chappelle Becomes International News Story

Radio 3Fourteen Censored by Apple’s iTunes

Common Core and the Myth of Equality

Does the Holocaust Discount Jewish White Privilege? [Enemy commentary]

The Saker interviews Gilad Atzmon

We’ve Had Enough: Americans are Shifting to the Right on Immigration

The Jew who caused the Second World War

The Decline of White Democrats

Why is Australia raising tribute monuments to the ANZAC killer Ataturk?

Get Ready For Another Giant Negro CRAPFEST!

80% of Israelis fear “Holocaust” will eventually be forgotten

Might is Right 2.0



The Great Con (Part I)

The Bright Side of Diversity – The Emergence of Pan-European Nationalism

Is White Self-Hatred A Mental Disorder?

Traitorous Media Now PC-ing America Like Crazy

Commander Breivik’s Warning

Stalin’s Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR

“Good War, Better Peace” by Thomas Goodrich

The Tyranny of “Black Lives Matter”

A law enforcement veteran speaks in defense of Michael Slager


Christian Englander: Banana Supremacist

Recently, an historic and hilarious incident occurred when Christian Englander threw a banana at Dave Chappelle. Truly the funniest story I have seen all year.

My original commentary:

And he did it again! White on Black banana crime, LOL:

And here’s some commentary from the Daily Slave.

When you add this with the Troll War Against Sarah Sahim and Jew Boy Noah Berlatsky having his comments section deleted, it’s been a good week for trolling the antiwhites. Because, fuck them.

Notable Headlines, Commentaries and Youtubes 4/5/15

I’m still working on reading through the last round up, but here’s another one. The more I do this, the more I’m going to be able to pick and choose what I feel is relevant. Not trying to have 6 million articles with each update.


Walkerton Police Department investigating threatening tweet posted by Concord coach

Taxpayer money to be used to bring in relatives of illegals

The Unbearable Whiteness of Indie

Why “Indie” Music Is So Unbearably White

fascistlemming8 hours ago

Typical anti-white Jew pretending to be white. The blood coursing through your vile body compels you to write trash like this. Thank you very much for this BS. anti-semitism is on the rise, better move to israel while your sorry ass still can.

noahberlatsky8 hours ago

@fascistlemming Wow…straight up anti-Semitism. Lovely.
 @noahberlatsky it’s only fair, you’re anti-european. anyway, keep it up. your jewish privilege serves you well, but not for long. history is going to repeat itself, and soon anti-semitism will return to the norm the same way it was the norm before you freaks murdered tens of millions of us with the bolshevik revoltuion and the world wars. PLEASE PLEASE keep writing anti-white filth, everyone knows you’re a Jew anyway.

Montana Boy: Bones Show Ancestral Links to Europe

Anti-Semitic fans pressure Hungarian band to cancel Israel gig

Record Number of Migrants Expected to Drown in Mediterranean This Year

ADL slams controversial US religious freedom bills

Team White:

Pitchfork Whines About the “Unbearable Whiteness” of Indie Rock


Anti-White Privilege:

Grandchildren of “Holocaust survivors” perpetuating myth

White Cosmopolitan Liberals: The New White Supremacy

THIS Shows How Sick These So Called “Chosen Ones” Truly Are: Israeli Soldier Posed With Palestinian Woman For PR Photo, And Then Shot Her In The Head!

The Lavon Affair: How to Make Jews Look Good and Muslims Look Bad

The War Against Whites Is Massively Incentivized

Another Victory as Proud Nazi Dies Free Instead of Being Locked Up and Tortured by Jews

Counter-Currents Still Under Siege

Pale Horse

Oz: White Grandmother Charged After Being Brutally Attacked by African Neighbors



White Genocide Posters make it in Irish newspapers


White Man March / March Against #WhiteGenocide

Real Life Black Monsters Roam Our Lands


Muh Anti-Semitism


Biden with Lauder on the right.

Full disclosure: I am a proud anti-semite.

It seems that there has been a lot of press about the rise of anti-semitism lately. Unfortunately, this seems to only be the result of the Muslim Invasion of Europe. I would much prefer to see reports of the likely drastic rise in anti-semitism amongst white Europeans. It makes you wonder: Why did the Jews flood Europe with Muslims when the Muslims are so anti-semitic? Maybe some of them opposed the flooding of Europe with Muslims knowing that they would be endangered, while others supported the move because they hate White People and Christianity. Yet still others probably supported the move because they hate White People and because they knew it would lead to a rise of anti-semitic incidents that they could exploit. This last group probably has the most Jews That Count in it.

Not only can they work on the plan to destroy European Culture with the Muslim Invasion, they can also call for more and more free speech restrictions and more legal protections for themselves as the Muslims inevitably target Jews in their rampages. They will break a few Jewish Eggs to make a Mega AntiWhite Omelet. And they don’t even really have to mention white people or the rise of nationalism in the process. They can just talk about “refugees” and “Islamic extremists” and so on. Yet, every action they take hurts the White Race and helps themselves. These nonwhites are genuine proxies, always being tricked into thinking they are making their own decisions, yet always serving the Jew.

Anyway, let’s look at some highlights from recent news on the topic:


Jewish schools and synagogues will be given £10 million a year to pay for guards to protect against the growing number of anti-Semitic attacks in the UK. The move has been initiated in the wake of the murders in Paris and the attack on a synagogue in Denmark.

The money was pledged by David Cameron in a speech to Jewish charity, the Community Security Trust. Mr Cameron said he would not “stand by” or “turn a blind eye” to the rising threats Jewish people face, spurred on by Islamic hate preachers, the Daily Mail reports.

The Prime Minister told the charity’s 3,000 volunteers, who protect the community against anti-Semitism, that they represented the “best of Britain” and an attack on a private Jewish school was “not a thought I am prepared to entertain.”

Currently around £2 billion a year is provided in security to Jewish state schools. Mr Cameron was asked how he would feel knowing that more could have been done. In reply he announced an additional £7 million a year in new money to fund guards to protect all Jewish private schools and colleges across the country.

 “That’s over £10 million of new money for security – this year and every year – for as long as necessary”, the Prime Minister said.

There will also be a one-off £1.5 million payment to the charity to fund CCTV cameras to help secure premises.

Mr Cameron said the Jewish community in Britain feels “safe to live and flourish” in Britain while at the same time thousands of Jews are fleeing France every year to live in Israel, and even more so in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders.

‘For as long as I am Prime Minister, you will never be alone. When people talk of trying to boycott Israel, you will never be alone. With me you will always have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable,” he said.

David Cameron is a vile creature. And the hubris of these Jews is ceaselessly amazing. This is the richest group of people on Earth, and even though they are receiving over £2 billion a year from the state, they only ask how Cameron feels that “more could have been done.” This money should be spent on uplifting the British People and deporting all the Muslims. I hear that Cameron is a Jew himself, so it’s no surprise that he panders to them to such a disgusting degree.

The Prime Minister hit out at the ‘poisonous ideology’ of Islamic extremism which didn’t just include terrorist attacks but also the use of the internet and hate preachers in Britain’s mosques who incite violent attacks.

He spoke out against the victim card being played amongst the community, saying that “‘the idea that Muslims all over the world are being persecuted as a deliberate act of Western policy… that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged” was a nonsense.

I would consider it a positive thing that he mentioned 9/11 being a Jewish plot at all. The independent thinkers who have never heard this before will look into it and see it for the truth that it is. It’s ironic: while addressing Jews, the Muslims are suddenly fair game, but while addressing Whites, Muslims are innocent little ponies and deserve to overwhelm the indigenous culture. If a Jew talks about the evils of Islam, he’s a hero. For the white folks, they are racist bigots and face fines or jail time.

Let’s move on to the next article..

How to Fight Anti-Semitism


President Hassan Rouhani of Iran reinstated a conference of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. Two of Iran’s prominent former nuclear negotiators apparently attended. In Egypt, the top military staff attended a lecture on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The region is still rife with the usual conspiracy theories — that the Jews were behind 9/11, drink the blood of non-Jews, spray pesticides across Egyptian lands.

Once again, mention of the Jewish role behind 9/11.

This sort of anti-Semitism thrives where there aren’t that many Jews. The Jew is not a person but an idea, a unique carrier of transcendent evil: a pollution, a stain, a dark force responsible for the failures of others, the unconscious shame and primeval urges they feel in themselves, and everything that needs explaining. This is a form of derangement, a flight from reality even in otherwise sophisticated people.

This form of anti-Semitism cannot be reasoned away because it doesn’t exist on the level of reason. It can only be confronted with deterrence and force, at the level of fear. The challenge for Israel is to respond to extremism without being extreme. The enemy’s rabidity can be used to justify cruelty, even in cases where restraint would be wiser. Israeli leaders try to walk this line, trying to use hard power, without becoming a mirror of the foe, sometimes well, sometimes not.

In Europe, anti-Semitism looks like a response to alienation. It’s particularly high where unemployment is rampant. Roughly half of all Spaniards and Greeks express unfavorable opinions about Jews. The plague of violence is fueled by young Islamic men with no respect and no place to go.

In the current issue of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg has an essay, “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” He reports on a blizzard of incidents: a Jewish school principal who watched a Frenchman of Algerian descent pin his 8-year-old daughter down in the schoolyard and execute her; a Swedish rabbi who has been the target of roughly 150 anti-Semitic attacks [LOL]; French kids who were terrified in school because of the “Dirty Jew!” and “I want to kill all of you!” chants in the hallway; the Danish imam who urged worshipers in a Berlin mosque to kill the Jews, “Count them and kill them to the very last one.”

Thousands of Jews a year are just fleeing Europe. But the best response is quarantine and confrontation. European governments can demonstrate solidarity with their Jewish citizens by providing security, cracking down — broken-windows style — on even the smallest assaults.


The United States is also seeing a rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents. But this country remains an astonishingly non-anti-Semitic place. America’s problem is the number of people who can’t fathom what anti-Semitism is or who think Jews are being paranoid or excessively playing the victim.

Due to the Jew led invasion of Mexicans, the USA is becoming a country largely composed of people who have no concept of anti-semitism and only see Jews as the richest and most powerful white people. This article points that out. And here’s an article talking about anti-semitism in the Jewish paradise of Miami. Good reads, both of them.

I’ll cover one more.

Billionaire Ronald Lauder Urges Congress To Fight Surge Of Anti-Semitism

Billionaire Ronald Lauder, a fierce Jewish affairs advocate, urged Congress on Tuesday to take a stronger lead in combating what he described as a surge in anti-Semitism across Europe.

Lauder, who is the World Jewish Congress’ president, testified before a House of Representatives subcommittee and highlighted a growing number of attacks targeting Jews in Europe.


“European leaders have stepped up and strongly condemned these attacks on Jews and the rise of anti-Semitism. The United States must do the same. The United States must lead,” he said. Lauder criticized the government for not having a U.S. representative walk in front during the Paris march where 1 million people, including leaders from across Europe, protested the attacks on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery store in January.

Here we go again. This guy is a billionaire and heads the World Jewish Congress. If only Team White had something similar. Why can’t he be happy that 1 million people allegedly showed up? Because the Jew is never satisfied. And obviously, while addressing the Congress, I guess it makes sense that he would condemn them for their lack of Jew ass kissing.

During the hearing, eight representatives launched a Bipartisan Taskforce for Combating Anti-Semitism. Lauder’s testimony pointed to Jews making up less than 1% of population in France, though they were victims of more than half of all racist attacks in that country last year. He also said anti-Semitic attacks doubled from the year before in France, Great Britain and Austria. “You don’t have to be a mathematician to see an obvious trend here,” he said.

Lauder is worth an estimated $3.9 billion — largely from his stake in the cosmetics conglomerate his mother Estee founded — but he has focused much of his career on diplomacy and politics. President Ronald Reagan appointed him U.S. ambassador to Austria from 1986 to 1987 — a time he has said shaped him due to experiencing instances of anti-Semitism. Before that, he served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for European & NATO affairs from 1983 to 1986.

He cited four reasons for the recent wave of anti-Semitism across Europe: A minority of Muslim immigrants adopting radical Islamic values, the rise of small Neo-Nazi extremist groups, “an educated, elitist class” having “a pathological hatred of Israel,” and social media aiding the spread of propaganda.


Lauder, who represents Jewish communities across 100 countries, pointed to meeting with Jewish leaders in Rome last fall. He said they told him that their children and grandchildren will “definitely” immigrate to more welcoming countries, and that they estimated the Jewish community in Italy’s capital would disappear in 25 years.

“There is a hatred growing throughout Europe that is causing Jews to wonder if they should leave. They are asking if there is a future for Jews on that continent,” he said.

Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., who chairs the subcommittee, said Lauder’s question of “Where is the United States?” is the “all important question.” Smith will co-chair the newly created task force looking to tackle anti-semitism.

“In some countries, progress has indeed been made — institutions to fight anti-Semitism have been created, and they have done excellent work. But it has not been enough to reverse the new anti-Semitism in Europe, and failed miserably to anticipate and prevent the arrival of jihadist anti-Semitism in Europe,” Smith said.


He also launched a campaign last year to push museums to return art stolen by the Nazis to the descendants of their original owners. He created and now heads the Committee for Art Recovery, which has seen success so far in establishing international laws to recover the stolen art, and has already begun retrieving it.

Perhaps that hit home for him: He’s a massive art collector himself, and FORBES estimates that his more than 4,000 works are now worth more than $1 billion.

This last little tidbit about retrieving “stolen art” just screams “JEW SCAM!” to me. This Committee for Art Recovery is more than likely stealing art, not retrieving stolen art.

There is definitely more news about anti-semitism in the media. There was the instance of Harvey Weinstein calling on Jews to organize like the mafia, even though they are already organized that way in some respects. I personally welcome these cries about anti-semitism. People have been focused on racism too long. Now it’s time for Jews to take center stage. This seems to be the only time in history that Jews have been universally blameless. Time for us to return to the norm, where anti-semitism prevails. Thanks Israel!

Notable Headlines, Commentaries and Youtubes for 4/2/15

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but most of these come from stuff I’ve seen on Twitter. That’s why some of the commentaries and youtubes may be old. I only post current headlines though.

With almost 100 entries, this one is a doozy. Many hours worth of youtube videos, and tons of commentary. It’s going to take me forever to get through all of this. But it’s worth it. Especially when I want to refer to what was going on at certain points in the future.

Mainstream Headlines

‘White race is nature’s finest’: Police say controversial leaflet is NOT illegal

Indiana Democrat Says GOP Colleague’s 18-Month-Old Son Is Racist

Doctor (71) sentenced for Holocaust denial


Ex-University of Mississippi Student Indicted for Noose on James Meredith Statue

Holocaust museum for kids to open at Warsaw Zoo

You can only speak English while you’re on this train’: Woman filmed hurling ‘racist’ abuse at two men on the Tube after hearing them speaking foreign language

Top Hollywood Producer Says Jews Need to Fight Anti-Semitism Like the Mafia — but There’s a Big Problem With That Idea in Europe

Anti-Semitic incidents rise in Florida, across nation

Professor gets hate mail over ‘Problem of Whiteness’

Supremes Reject Students’ Free Expression to Wear American Flag Clothing in America

New Mexico man arrested after throwing banana peel at Dave Chappelle

Does Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, Have a Jewish Problem?

AntiWhite/Jewish Commentary

White Supremacists Protest Against Purported “White Genocide”

Israel’s Leftist Losers

10 ways white people are more racist than they realize

White men should never hold elected positions in British universities again

Team White/Friendly Commentary

AFP INTERVIEW: Black Days Coming for Whites

If Whites Had Gay Rights

Since 1965: Fifty Years of Genocide

Oz: Moslem Employee Chimps Out at KFC When Customer Asks for Bacon

A Review of Jewcentricity by Adam Garfinkle — Part 2 of 4: Hollywood

A review of Jewcentricity by Adam Garfinkle, Part 3 of 4: The Israel Lobby

A review of Jewcentricity by Adam Garfinkle, Part 4 of 4: Islam

Dr. Duke discusses treasonous Congress, hate-filled “human rights organizations”

Discuss: The Jewish question, its relevance to White Nationalism, and dealing with the PR fallout from “antisemitism”.


Jews Outraged as Man is Caught Urinating and Making a Nazi Salute at Czech Concentration Camp


Black Thief Arrested After White Father of 4 Shot Dead Outside Grocery Store

3 White Genocide Ebooks

Standing Against Tim Wise: Round Three

Michael Levin On The Coming White Minority [FL: Yeah, I know..]

“Hipster” Is A Code Word For “Racist”

A.W.S.M.E: The Association Of White Straight Male Employees

SURPRISE! Person Who Wrote “Ban White Men from British Universities” Article is a Jew

The jews are a People First and Foremost

On the Matter of jewry in General

Racialist Girls/Ladies/Women

Why Do Only Whites Lose Jobs Over Racial Remarks?

Three Questions on Identitarianism

The Nature Of The Jewish Mode Of Thinking

Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster: Muslim Invaders in Europe Turn on the Jewish Lobby

When obeying the law and supporting yourself is racist

Two Arrested In Mike Brown Inspired Beating… But It Won’t Stop The Course Of Empire


Are Jews White?

Reestablishing Masculinity: The Prequel

Life for a White Person Attacked by Three Blacks on the St. Louis MetroLink: “People were sort of laughing and smiling about it. No one offered to help and no one attempted to call 911.”

The Wonderful World Of Whiggerism


Circular Firing Squad Assembles for “Daily Show” Replacement

Now at University of New Mexico: “Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day”

Nietzsche and the Crisis of the White Race

The “Holocaust” in a nutshell


The Liberal Ethnocentric Jewish Crackup of 2015 Comes to Comedy

Celebrated heart transplant recipient dies during criminal rampage

Heart Recipient, 17, Dies in High-Speed Police Chase Crash Two Years After He Was Nearly Denied Transplant Because of His Bad Behavior


DERP – Women Do NOT Belong In Combat

Seems legit.

Seems legit.

This is so ridiculous. It’s a shame to have to be put on the defensive about something so obvious, but since the Jewish Mind has been dominating our society for awhile now, this point must be stressed. Not that there are likely any people in White Nationalist circles who need to be alerted to this reality. We arleady know.

I served in the military for about five years, between 2005 and 2010. I was a truck driver by MOS, but I also spent a year as a gunner during my first tour of Iraq. Having been a truck driver, I was always in co-ed units. I had the experience of having a female squad leader, a female platoon sergeant, a female platoon leader, and a female XO during my first deployment. During my second deployment, while I was spared of having females in those positions, we did have a female company commander.

When I was in Iraq the first time, we had a female as our “second string” rear gunner. I can’t remember any instances of her holding us back as a unit, besides needing help having her 50 cal mounted to the turret. So there you go, an example of one individual woman not necessarily being a setback or degrading unit cohesion. However, this is a collective issue, not an individual one. Also, while she was busy behind the turret, her children went one full year without her love and affection. A woman’s place is in the household, raising the children, and supporting the husband. This is extremely moral and virtuous, and all women should hold this as their ideal. That’s called nature. Not that I expect everyone to be perfect, and we need to make as much money as we can in this ruined economy, but running the house hold is what ever family should strive for.

Not only that, but women are way too emotional to be in combat. I experienced angering my female squad leader so much that she started crying in front of me. My female platoon sergeant would chimp out on us for the slightest infraction. Not that male leaders don’t also do this, but it’s extremely demoralizing when it’s a woman doing this. I don’t remember my male sergeants flying off the deep end the way I remember my female sergeants doing the same, and of course the males didn’t do it nearly as often.

Not only that, having women in combat leads to excessive political correctness, and that’s on major factor that degrades unit cohesion. Men need to be allowed to be men without walking on egg shells. Not that I think vulgar humor is great by any means, but men should be able to vent any way they need to, without worrying about offending any women in the room, especially in a combat zone. Instead, the military empowers women and half of these girls go out of their way to be offended most of the time.

Then you have the whole rape epidemic, which is another fantastic and obvious reason not to let women in combat. I don’t think women should do anything outside of medicine. Stateside medicine. Women should not be separated from their children for extended periods of time to fight wars for the Jews. Far from liberating, it’s degrading and tragic.

So here are some interesting excerpts from an interesting mainstream article that came out a few weeks ago:

Integrating women into combat reduces effectiveness, harms unit cohesion

As the military completes testing to open combat positions to women, critics say that lawmakers and defense officials are ignoring reports that suggest integrating women into ground warfare would reduce effectiveness in battle and harm unit cohesion.

Others doubt the ability of women to pass the rigorous training required to be an elite Army Ranger, Marine commando or Navy SEAL, as already this year a high percentage of female service members have dropped out of such training.

“We are on track to meet the deadlines. And I personally have received … interim update[s] about how it’s all going. And I feel pretty good about it,” Air Force Secretary Deborah James said at a House Armed Services Committee hearing.

Of course she feels good about it, being the best example for why women should not be in combat or hold high positions in the military or civilian politics. She is loyal to women first, and has no concern for military merit or capability. She needs to be put in an insane asylum.

But critics of women serving in combat say members of Congress are not asking enough questions and instead are going along with a political goal of the Obama administration that will ultimately harm the military.

“Congress hasn’t had any hearings,” said Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness. “There is no way women can be accommodated in the combat arms without a number of negative consequences that really can’t be justified. There’s no trade-off.”

This is clearly the point of the agenda. There is no justification. The people heading the pussification of the military all need to be arrested and charged with treason. They are clearly on a mission to make our military as weak as possible, and stretching it thin overseas for Israel when really it should be a man-only combat force guarding our southern border and leading deportation missions. That is what we should be doing. By fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East, we are also fighting wars for the Jewish Collective by not defending that border.

“Thousands of women have served alongside men in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their record of performance has been nothing less than outstanding,” Cmdr. Christensen said. “Our goal is to ensure that the mission is carried out by the best qualified and the most capable service members, regardless of gender.”

Well, that is retarded and deadly reasoning. Gender matters, especially in the military. Individual merit is important, but as far as military operations go, it is not the most important measure of capability. Unit cohesion is the most important: Shoot, move, and communicate. Having women around screws up communication, because of the excessive political correctness having women around leads to. Jeez this stuff is so ridiculously obvious, you know the people in high positions at least deserve to be fired from their jobs, if not arrested. Instead, they will be treated as heroes and saints by the Jew media.

Ms. Williams said she expects service members to quickly accept women serving in combat positions based on troops’ reactions to other changes, such as the repeal of the ban on open homosexuals and the admission of women at military academies.

This is a media lie. I seriously doubt that anyone over the age of 25 who has more than two brain cells accepts open homosexual men in the military (lesbians were open and no one cared when I served). And of course, the same applies to women being officers. It’s just that the media doesn’t give much exposure to dissenting voices. So when they just outright lie like in the above quote, the lemmings buy it.

“If history repeats itself, there will be grumbling and hesitation and resistance as changes are rolled out. Then, within a very short time, people will adjust to the normal,” she said.

Adjusting and accepting are not the same thing.

Some reports, however, indicate the opposite.

A British study released late last year found that physiological differences put women at a disadvantage in strength-based and aerobic fitness tests. Even women who are able to overcome the physiological disadvantages will likely be injured more easily or become tired more quickly, making them easier targets and poorer marksmen in combat.


Army Maj. Angela Scott was one of 26 women who tried this year to pass the second Ranger Training Assessment Course. The 16-day program is run by the Army National Guard at Fort Benning, Georgia, and serves as a trial to select who goes to Ranger School. The training resembles Ranger School, including tests for physical fitness, swimming ability and land navigation, and it includes a six-mile march.

After having trained two months specifically for the course, Maj. Scott dropped out after eight days. Only 58 out of 122 soldiers who started the program graduated; only five of the 58 who passed were female.

Despite dropping out, Maj. Scott said the military should be a place where anyone who is willing to work hard can serve in any position.

“There should be one standard, and whoever wants to attempt to meet this standard should be allowed,” Maj. Scott, who served in Iraq twice, said in a Defense Department release. “If they don’t meet the standard, then that’s on them.”

Once again, even women who do qualify should still not be allowed. They will disrupt the natural flow between a brotherhood of men in arms simply by being a woman. Half the men will fantasize about her and put her on a pedastal, the other half will hate her presence and be demoralized, and the dynamics caused by these sentiments will degrade that ever-so-important unit cohesion. Besides, “attempting” and being “willing” to meet the standard is not the same as meeting the standard.  Even the female presence in these training schools will have a negative effect on men who otherwise would have performed better. Once again, the minority will be neutral on the female presence, while the rest will either love or hate the female presence, leading to decreased performance.

Several female Marines are training at Twentynine Palms in California over the next month to see if they can meet standards to serve in combat. About half of the two dozen women who were training with an infantry unit have dropped out, mostly due to injuries, NPR reported. But almost all of the nearly 20 women who are training with a unit of tanks and armored vehicles are still participating, the article said.

On top of all the points I have made earlier, the bottom line is this: The mission is to make the US military as intrinsically anti-white as possible. More specifically, against the white males who will lead the revolution for white separation. If the military was mostly white men, then they would probably join us in the rebellion. White Men, we must realize that all this lovey dovey pro-female, pro-homo and pro-minority mumbo jumbo is all just part of the plan to keep us and our children from living in the world we deserve to live in.

The Mind of the Liberal Jew: “The First Amendment Should Never Protect Hatred”

I was recently introduced to the Jewish mind of Tanya Cohen with the article below. This Jewess provides us with an invaluable window into the mind of our enemy. The article is pretty long, so I’m only going to keep the important stuff. For more expansive coverage of this deranged woman, read the Daily Stormer’s recent article about her, which covers a different essay of hers.

The First Amendment Should Never Protect Hatred

One of the most admirable things about Europe is that most (if not all) of the right-wing rhetoric that you hear in the US is explicitly against the law there. For example, attempting to link Islam with terrorism, saying that gay marriage isn’t really marriage, or saying that trans women aren’t really women would get you charged with discrimination and/or incitement to hatred.


Nobody in Europe believes that these laws interfere with their sacred, guaranteed right to freedom of speech. Rather, these laws protect freedom of speech by ensuring that it is used responsibly and for the purposes of good.

She finds it admirable that, in Europe, people lose their freedom and livelihoods while being separated from their families because they point out reality. She claims that nobody in Europe has a problem with these laws, which of course is a bold-faced lie. These laws that prohibit the expression of politically incorrect truths are only in effect for the good of the Jews, their proxies, and their collaborators, since none of the indigenous Europeans would care were it not for Jewish subversion of their traditions and culture. Far from protecting freedom of speech, what these laws are meant to do is to restrict the speech of the enemies of the Jews, their proxies and their traitorous white allies. These laws also send a clear message to the less brave section of Europe’s people: Toe the party line, or else..

In the US, however, no such laws exist. Right-wing hatemongers like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Bill Maher, and Sarah Palin (to name just a few) are allowed to freely incite hatred and violence, oppose human rights, and undermine progress with impunity. In the United States, hate speech is often spewed forth by people with a great deal of influence, thus making it even more dangerous.

These people are Jew ass-kissing shills. I wonder, does she realize this? Is she being insincere or is she also dumb on top of being deranged? I’m guessing she’s a Jewess of the left wing lemming variety, but surely she’s aware of the true “right-wing hatemongers.” Maybe she neglects to mention those people because they aren’t as influential as these Republican Fox News jokes are. But maybe it’s because the real “right-wing hatemongers” are far more dangerous than these shills will ever be to the ideology of Cohen and she doesn’t want to draw attention to them.

 …In a civilized country with basic human rights, Phil Robertson would have been taken before a government Human Rights Tribunal or Human Rights Commission and given a fine or prison sentence for the hateful and bigoted comments that he made about LGBT people. In the US, however, he was given no legal punishment, even though his comments easily had the potential to incite acts of violence against LGBT people, who already face widespread violence in the deeply homophobic American society – and his comments probably DID incite acts of violence against LGBT people.

Most countries have freedom of speech, but only in the US is “freedom of speech” so restrictive and repressive.

Calling our brand of freedom of speech “restrictive and repressive” is so Orwellian. On the contrary, we have absolutely unfettered free speech, at least for now. I wouldn’t shed any tears if subversive, anti-traditional anti-white speech was banned, or if the first admendment didn’t apply to Jews. They shouldn’t have been allowed to promote gun control, multiculturalism, integration, feminism, or sexual perversion, and if they hadn’t been allowed to say whatever they wanted through the media, that would have saved us a lot of heartbreak.

Not only is the US the only country without any laws against hateful or offensive speech, but it’s also the only country where the government cannot ban any movies, books, or video games, no matter how dangerous, demeaning to human dignity, or harmful to society they may be.

I can agree with this, but only if you apply it to how the Jews use these mediums for the promotion of pornography, race-mixing, cultural marxism, feminism, diversity, on and on, etc..

The US government is also the only government that cannot ban any groups or political parties, even when those groups or political parties pose a serious threat to democracy. This is completely incompatible with international human rights standards, which clearly state that freedom of speech does not protect speech which is harmful to society, to morality, or to human rights.

Once again, I could agree with this statement, but only if it applies to the Jews and their subversion of our culture and traditions with the help of their traitorous white collaborators.

Countries like the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Australia – to name just a few examples – take a much more sensible approach to freedom of expression. They allow legitimate freedom of expression while banning bigots, hatemongers, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, pro-pedophile groups, terrorist sympathizers, harmful media, Holocaust deniers, pick-up artists, climate change deniers, and other forms of expression which damage society and social cohesion.

The United States has a very limited and very outdated understanding of human rights and political freedoms. In all other countries, it is simply common knowledge that freedom of speech does not permit hatred…

While America has always been far behind the rest of the world when it comes to basic human rights – we still have yet to ban firearms, we still have yet to provide free higher education, and we still have yet to implement free universal healthcare, for example – the need to outlaw hate speech is one of the most basic and fundamental human rights obligations. Not only is it codified in multiple international human rights conventions, but even countries like Russia, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Jordan – countries that most Americans consider to be “third-world” – have laws against hate speech. Why is the so-called “third-world” protecting basic human rights better than America is?

..There is absolutely nobody outside of the US who thinks that there shouldn’t be ANY laws against hate speech, racial vilification, or incitement to hatred. That idea is just unthinkable in a society where basic human rights exist. The US has a dismal record on human rights, as indicated by the fact that it still doesn’t have universal healthcare, still carries out executions, still hasn’t banned firearms, and still tortures people, to name just a few things. But having NO laws against incitement to hatred? It’s just impossible for people in civilized countries in the year 2015 to even conceive of such a thing. In fact, most people in civilized countries simply assume that the US outlaws hate speech, and they are left in stunned disbelief and disgust when they are told that it doesn’t. Inevitably, they will ask: how can the US possibly call itself a free country and a democracy when it’s the only country in the world without any kind of laws against hate speech? Protecting vulnerable minorities from hate speech is one of the cornerstones of any democratic society, and it’s one of the most basic and fundamental human rights obligations. Do Americans have no idea how ironic it is for them to call their country “the land of the free” when it doesn’t have any kind of law against hate speech?

…I grew up in Australia, which is a much more civilized and progressive country than the comparatively backwards United States, with a much deeper respect for basic human rights. Any comment which may offend, insult, humiliate, or intimidate vulnerable minorities is highlly illegal in Australia, and the Australian Human Rights Commission goes to great lengths to prosecute anyone who makes comments that offend minorities or oppose human rights. Australia’s human rights courts have ruled many times that it doesn’t matter whether the comments are “true” or “balanced” or not; if the comments may offend minorities or incite hatred, then they are against the law in Australia, as they should be. Australia has also proposed legislation (the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill) which declares people automatically guilty of offending, insulting, humiliating, or intimidating minorities unless they can prove their innocence beyond any reasonable doubt. This legislation has been wholeheartedly endorsed by the Australian Human Rights Commission and by literally every single human rights group and progressive think tank in Australia, from Amnesty International Australia to Per Capita. The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill was proposed by Australia’s centrists.

Even the most far-right ultra-libertarians in Australia still strongly agree that racial vilification and incitement to hatred (including Holocaust denial) should be against the law.

In Canada, hate speech and advocating genocide are very serious criminal offenses that can land you up to fourteen years in prison. The Supreme Court of Canada has also found that truthful statements can be classified as illegal hate speech, and that not all truthful statements must be free from restriction…. Nobody in Canada believes that laws against hate speech and advocating genocide infringe on freedom of speech….

Americans have a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of what freedom of speech is. Freedom of speech does NOT mean that you have the freedom to say anything….You don’t have the right to spout racist hate speech because that interferes with other people’s right to be free from racial discrimination….Freedom of speech does NOT give you the right to offend, to insult, to disrespect, to oppose human rights, to argue against the common good, to voice approval of totalitarian ideologies, to perpetuate toxic systems of privilege and oppression, to promote ideas which have no place in a modern democratic society, to be provocative or incendiary, or to express opinions which are unacceptable to the majority of people.

Most champions of hate speech are straight, white, Christian males who have never had to experience the devastating consequences of hate speech. These highly privileged members of society will never understand the harm that hate speech causes to vulnerable minorities. Hate speech is not “freedom” to the Muslims who face widespread attacks and abuse as a result of hate speech from outlets like Fox News and Bill Maher. Hate speech is not “freedom” to the women at abortion clinics who are shouted at by right-wing protesters just for attempting to exercise their human right to choose. Hate speech is not “freedom” to the thousands of people who are killed by guns every single year in America thanks to the gun lobby’s propaganda turning public opinion against sensible gun bans. Hate speech is certainly not “freedom” to the LGBT people who are viciously attacked and even murdered as a result of hate speech from the Christian right.

 Hate speech does have very serious consequences in the real world, but straight, white, Christian men could never be able to understand just how severe those consequences can be. Privileged members of society will never know what it’s like to be a victim of hate speech. As a descendant of Holocaust survivors, I know first-hand the extreme danger that flows directly from hate speech. Those championing hate speech, however, clearly do not understand just how dangerous hate speech is. There is a hierarchy of power in society, with straight, white, Christian men firmly at the top. Freedom of speech is counter-productive if the people who benefit from it are the people who already hold far too much power and privilege in our society.

I would just like to add a hearty LOL to the statement that heterosexual, white, Christian males are “firmly at the top” of the hierarchy of power in society.

A French Jewish leader recently told the US that it needs to join the civilized world by cracking down on online hatred since hate speech on the Internet puts vulnerable minorities in very real danger (both mental and physical), but, unfortunately, we all know that his urgent pleas to the US will go completely ignored, and online hate speech from the US will continue to place French Jews and other vulnerable minorities around the world in serious danger.

Don’t be such a defeatist, Tanya. The politicians in the USA are basically falling all over themselves in their support of the fight against anti-semitism.

Until the US decides to finally cooperate with the international community, the UN and human rights groups will never be able to remove hate speech from the Internet and elsewhere. In addition to passing strong legislation against hate speech, the US needs to report to the UN and it needs to allow the UN to prosecute Americans under the UN courts. When other countries fail to press hate speech charges against their citizens, the UN often steps in and presses charges under the UN courts. In America, however, that would currently be impossible. America also needs to hand over control of the Internet to the United Nations, which will use the international human rights framework to protect human rights online, as it has repeatedly encouraged all nations to do.

This is basically the Jews’s wet dream.

….The rest of the world continues to forge ahead in human rights – Belgium recently passed human rights legislation outlawing all forms of sexist speech, and numerous countries are passing human rights laws requiring anyone accused of hate speech to prove their innocence or be declared automatically guilty….While the United States needs to strongly support freedom of speech and firmly oppose all forms of censorship, it also needs to sincerely protect vulnerable minorities from all manifestations of hate speech. There is absolutely NO excuse whatsoever for an advanced democracy in the year 2015 to not have any kind of laws against hate speech.

…..Freedom of speech has to be balanced against the feelings of others.

When freedom of speech interferes with someone else’s freedom to not be offended, insulted, disrespected, vilified, or subjected to hatred, it needs to be restricted.

If anyone in Australia ever proposed that all laws against hate speech/vilification should be completely abolished, they would lose their job, they would lose all of their friends, and they would have to hire bodyguards. That’s not even an exaggeration. Outside of the US, hate speech laws have absolutely universal support from every single facet of society. Saying that there shouldn’t be any laws against hate speech would be like saying that there shouldn’t be any laws against child abuse.

Slurs and insults are not part of the “free exchange of ideas,” so the justification for “free speech” – that all ideas should be able to be discussed – doesn’t even cover that. In fact, slurs and insults are a kind of bullying that often discourage the target’s participation in discussion and debate in the “free exchange of ideas” and, therefore, slurs and insults are actually a crude form of censorship and themselves are an attack on another person or group’s freedom of speech. Vulnerable and marginalized groups cannot speak out openly when they are constantly hounded by hateful bigots spewing toxic vitriol at them. Hate speech is itself a form of censorship, and outlawing hate speech is thus required in order to protect freedom of speech.

She has it completely backwards here. Unfortunately, too many pro-whites use racial slurs all too often, and far from bullying their targets out of defending themselves, our enemies constantly harp on our use of racial slurs so they can appear to have the moral high ground when they advocate for hate speech legislation. I honestly wish Team White would collectively stop “spewing toxic vitriol” at our country’s “vulnerable minorities” because this is why I have strangers calling me a “hateful bigot” all the time when, in reality, it is they, the feminists and the anti-racists, who are the hateful bigots.

At a time when racism, fascism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and Islamophobia are surging in Europe, it is now more important than ever for the United States to finally fulfill its international human rights obligations and enact a law against all forms of hate speech. The fact that America still does not have a hate speech law in the year 2015 is a national embarrassment…

It’s interesting how she keeps crying about how it’s “already 2015” and the US still hasn’t silenced the pro-white anti-Jews. She keeps appealing to peoples’ desire to be trendy and fashionable. “Like, didn’t you know that free speech is sooo Two Thousand and Late? Get with the times, girl.”

So there you have it. I do think she is a liberal lemming and not a shifty, conscious subverter. The only thing that makes her a little more rabid than your average leftie is her Jewishness and all the benefits or the resources that come with it. In a perfect world, she would be living in Israel without the human right or privilege of every being allowed to leave.

Google Sponsors CODE2040 in Program to Prop Up Nonwhite Techies

That nose though.

That nose though.

Initially, I didn’t think this was going to be worth writing about, until I saw that the name of the group Google is sponsoring is called “CODE2040.” I thought, 2040 is about the year that projections claim whites will become a minority here in the States. And sure enough, the lady who runs the nonprofit organization, Laura Weidman Powers, admits that this is the exact reason why she named her organization CODE2040. Maybe 2040 is a “CODE” for White Genocide?

Just look at the cover photo and it’s caption on the nonprofit’s main page: This is the future of Tech, featuring people who “do not look like you and me.” Everything about this screams “filthy Jew(ess),” even though I can’t prove that the founder and CEO is a Jewess. But let’s look at some indicators: Firstly, she is mixed, not full black. This obviously leaves room for her to be half Jewish. Next, the name Weidman sounds Jewey enough, and it is a known Jewish name. Thirdly, this is a nonprofit organization, which also gives me Jewey vibes. Look at her current and past sponsors. With big names like Chase, Google, LinkedIn, Royal Bank of Canada, Stanford, United Negro College Fund, AOL/TechCrunch, American Express, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, you can’t exactly call this a grassroots (aka nonJewish) organization. The icing on the cake is the recent $775k grant donated to CODE2040 by Joogle.

Also, in the video that comes with the article, she has a very Barbara Spectre-ish attitude about the future:

“Diversity is important to the tech sector because the tech sector needs innovation, it needs talent, it needs to grow, and frankly, [it needs] to survive. CODE2040 gets its name from the fact that in 2040 people of color will be the majority in the US.”

Of course, to “skeptics” of the Jewish War Against Humanity, none of this sounds like any credible evidence that she’s Jewish. That’s great if these people feel that way, because this blog is not for those people. To those of us who “get it,” this is all pretty decent evidence that she is likely a Jew. I think she is a Jew, but I can’t prove it. It’s important to point this out because we all know that the Jews That Count are out to get Whitey, and this is a perfect microcosm that represents the macrocosm. However, this would still be worth writing about even if she wasn’t Jewish herself.

The whiting out of America is already inevitable, so bringing blacks and latinos into the tech force is necessary if it is to survive, according to Powers. Maybe this is because she believes at some point, there will be no white people left to do the day to day work? Could this be because a white minority will not be allowed to work in the tech sector once the Jews That Count have accomplished their mission? Do Powers and her Jewish handlers find it necessary to prop up as many nonwhite tech companies as possible as soon as possible, while there are still white people around to lend a helping, if not suicidal, hand? Do she and her handlers find it necessary to find and prop up as many of the highest IQ blacks and latinos possible as soon as possible, in order to maintain more than a cesspool once the white race has been neutralized and/or destroyed?

I have no idea of the answers to these questions. I don’t know if it’s a conscious conspiracy or just the side effects of the general Jewish War Against Humanity. I do however feel that these questions are important to us and should be asked.

All other things being equal, meaning, in a world without Jewish Supremacism, I would not have any problems with any organization that advocates for this or that racial group. The problem is that it is politically incorrect and bordering on illegal for any groups to advocate for the white race in any manner whatsoever. This obvious double standard has fatal consequences for our people, sooner than later if we sit idly by and let these Jewish freaks have their way with the world.

Okay, all that said, let’s get to the USA Today article itself:

Google backs 3-city program for black, Latino techies


“There is no question that Silicon Valley is the epicenter of the tech world, and as such there’s huge opportunity for impact on inclusion in tech,” says Laura Weidman Powers, co-founder and CEO of CODE2040, who came to Austin to announce the launch of the new program at a SXSW panel Monday morning.

“However, working on diversity issues in Silicon Valley means going against the status quo,” she says. “(It means) trying to change the ratio of employees at large companies, trying to bring inclusive techniques to established hiring practices and trying to infiltrate relatively closed, powerful networks.”

That work, says Powers, is crucial in Silicon Valley because it houses the headquarters of some of the world’s most powerful tech companies, which can set an example for the rest of the tech world.

But spreading to smaller tech hubs also presents an opportunity, she says.

“Here, rather than trying to change what is, we are trying to shape what might be. In smaller tech ecosystems around the country, often the cultures and norms around talent and inclusion are not yet set. We have the opportunity to help these places bake inclusion into their DNA from the ground up,” Powers says. “It’s an opportunity to create whole ecosystems where we never see the divides we see in Silicon Valley.”

She has such a Jewish way with words. Basically, it’s too early to start forcing whites out of Silicon Valley’s work force, so the strategy is to begin forming nonwhite work forces from the ground up (of course with the bazillions of dollars given freely by her Jewish backers. Royal Bank of Canada, seriously?!) Maybe we could follow her example. Instead of trying to force all the nonwhites out of the whole United States, which, at the moment, is unacceptably bloody and basically impossible, we need to start building small white communities from the ground up.

Sooner or later, the alienated and disgruntled white techies will gladly help us, having had their livelihoods ripped from them by the Jews and the only-to-willing nonwhites. This is where we come in: day after day, year after year, producing pro white propaganda and providing all the relevant information, and making it available for the future members of our struggle who will be absolutely vital. We may not have the money that our enemies do, but we do have our enemies working a program that will radicalize key members of our struggle, free of charge!