Muh Anti-Semitism


Biden with Lauder on the right.

Full disclosure: I am a proud anti-semite.

It seems that there has been a lot of press about the rise of anti-semitism lately. Unfortunately, this seems to only be the result of the Muslim Invasion of Europe. I would much prefer to see reports of the likely drastic rise in anti-semitism amongst white Europeans. It makes you wonder: Why did the Jews flood Europe with Muslims when the Muslims are so anti-semitic? Maybe some of them opposed the flooding of Europe with Muslims knowing that they would be endangered, while others supported the move because they hate White People and Christianity. Yet still others probably supported the move because they hate White People and because they knew it would lead to a rise of anti-semitic incidents that they could exploit. This last group probably has the most Jews That Count in it.

Not only can they work on the plan to destroy European Culture with the Muslim Invasion, they can also call for more and more free speech restrictions and more legal protections for themselves as the Muslims inevitably target Jews in their rampages. They will break a few Jewish Eggs to make a Mega AntiWhite Omelet. And they don’t even really have to mention white people or the rise of nationalism in the process. They can just talk about “refugees” and “Islamic extremists” and so on. Yet, every action they take hurts the White Race and helps themselves. These nonwhites are genuine proxies, always being tricked into thinking they are making their own decisions, yet always serving the Jew.

Anyway, let’s look at some highlights from recent news on the topic:


Jewish schools and synagogues will be given £10 million a year to pay for guards to protect against the growing number of anti-Semitic attacks in the UK. The move has been initiated in the wake of the murders in Paris and the attack on a synagogue in Denmark.

The money was pledged by David Cameron in a speech to Jewish charity, the Community Security Trust. Mr Cameron said he would not “stand by” or “turn a blind eye” to the rising threats Jewish people face, spurred on by Islamic hate preachers, the Daily Mail reports.

The Prime Minister told the charity’s 3,000 volunteers, who protect the community against anti-Semitism, that they represented the “best of Britain” and an attack on a private Jewish school was “not a thought I am prepared to entertain.”

Currently around £2 billion a year is provided in security to Jewish state schools. Mr Cameron was asked how he would feel knowing that more could have been done. In reply he announced an additional £7 million a year in new money to fund guards to protect all Jewish private schools and colleges across the country.

 “That’s over £10 million of new money for security – this year and every year – for as long as necessary”, the Prime Minister said.

There will also be a one-off £1.5 million payment to the charity to fund CCTV cameras to help secure premises.

Mr Cameron said the Jewish community in Britain feels “safe to live and flourish” in Britain while at the same time thousands of Jews are fleeing France every year to live in Israel, and even more so in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders.

‘For as long as I am Prime Minister, you will never be alone. When people talk of trying to boycott Israel, you will never be alone. With me you will always have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable,” he said.

David Cameron is a vile creature. And the hubris of these Jews is ceaselessly amazing. This is the richest group of people on Earth, and even though they are receiving over £2 billion a year from the state, they only ask how Cameron feels that “more could have been done.” This money should be spent on uplifting the British People and deporting all the Muslims. I hear that Cameron is a Jew himself, so it’s no surprise that he panders to them to such a disgusting degree.

The Prime Minister hit out at the ‘poisonous ideology’ of Islamic extremism which didn’t just include terrorist attacks but also the use of the internet and hate preachers in Britain’s mosques who incite violent attacks.

He spoke out against the victim card being played amongst the community, saying that “‘the idea that Muslims all over the world are being persecuted as a deliberate act of Western policy… that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged” was a nonsense.

I would consider it a positive thing that he mentioned 9/11 being a Jewish plot at all. The independent thinkers who have never heard this before will look into it and see it for the truth that it is. It’s ironic: while addressing Jews, the Muslims are suddenly fair game, but while addressing Whites, Muslims are innocent little ponies and deserve to overwhelm the indigenous culture. If a Jew talks about the evils of Islam, he’s a hero. For the white folks, they are racist bigots and face fines or jail time.

Let’s move on to the next article..

How to Fight Anti-Semitism


President Hassan Rouhani of Iran reinstated a conference of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. Two of Iran’s prominent former nuclear negotiators apparently attended. In Egypt, the top military staff attended a lecture on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The region is still rife with the usual conspiracy theories — that the Jews were behind 9/11, drink the blood of non-Jews, spray pesticides across Egyptian lands.

Once again, mention of the Jewish role behind 9/11.

This sort of anti-Semitism thrives where there aren’t that many Jews. The Jew is not a person but an idea, a unique carrier of transcendent evil: a pollution, a stain, a dark force responsible for the failures of others, the unconscious shame and primeval urges they feel in themselves, and everything that needs explaining. This is a form of derangement, a flight from reality even in otherwise sophisticated people.

This form of anti-Semitism cannot be reasoned away because it doesn’t exist on the level of reason. It can only be confronted with deterrence and force, at the level of fear. The challenge for Israel is to respond to extremism without being extreme. The enemy’s rabidity can be used to justify cruelty, even in cases where restraint would be wiser. Israeli leaders try to walk this line, trying to use hard power, without becoming a mirror of the foe, sometimes well, sometimes not.

In Europe, anti-Semitism looks like a response to alienation. It’s particularly high where unemployment is rampant. Roughly half of all Spaniards and Greeks express unfavorable opinions about Jews. The plague of violence is fueled by young Islamic men with no respect and no place to go.

In the current issue of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg has an essay, “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” He reports on a blizzard of incidents: a Jewish school principal who watched a Frenchman of Algerian descent pin his 8-year-old daughter down in the schoolyard and execute her; a Swedish rabbi who has been the target of roughly 150 anti-Semitic attacks [LOL]; French kids who were terrified in school because of the “Dirty Jew!” and “I want to kill all of you!” chants in the hallway; the Danish imam who urged worshipers in a Berlin mosque to kill the Jews, “Count them and kill them to the very last one.”

Thousands of Jews a year are just fleeing Europe. But the best response is quarantine and confrontation. European governments can demonstrate solidarity with their Jewish citizens by providing security, cracking down — broken-windows style — on even the smallest assaults.


The United States is also seeing a rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents. But this country remains an astonishingly non-anti-Semitic place. America’s problem is the number of people who can’t fathom what anti-Semitism is or who think Jews are being paranoid or excessively playing the victim.

Due to the Jew led invasion of Mexicans, the USA is becoming a country largely composed of people who have no concept of anti-semitism and only see Jews as the richest and most powerful white people. This article points that out. And here’s an article talking about anti-semitism in the Jewish paradise of Miami. Good reads, both of them.

I’ll cover one more.

Billionaire Ronald Lauder Urges Congress To Fight Surge Of Anti-Semitism

Billionaire Ronald Lauder, a fierce Jewish affairs advocate, urged Congress on Tuesday to take a stronger lead in combating what he described as a surge in anti-Semitism across Europe.

Lauder, who is the World Jewish Congress’ president, testified before a House of Representatives subcommittee and highlighted a growing number of attacks targeting Jews in Europe.


“European leaders have stepped up and strongly condemned these attacks on Jews and the rise of anti-Semitism. The United States must do the same. The United States must lead,” he said. Lauder criticized the government for not having a U.S. representative walk in front during the Paris march where 1 million people, including leaders from across Europe, protested the attacks on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery store in January.

Here we go again. This guy is a billionaire and heads the World Jewish Congress. If only Team White had something similar. Why can’t he be happy that 1 million people allegedly showed up? Because the Jew is never satisfied. And obviously, while addressing the Congress, I guess it makes sense that he would condemn them for their lack of Jew ass kissing.

During the hearing, eight representatives launched a Bipartisan Taskforce for Combating Anti-Semitism. Lauder’s testimony pointed to Jews making up less than 1% of population in France, though they were victims of more than half of all racist attacks in that country last year. He also said anti-Semitic attacks doubled from the year before in France, Great Britain and Austria. “You don’t have to be a mathematician to see an obvious trend here,” he said.

Lauder is worth an estimated $3.9 billion — largely from his stake in the cosmetics conglomerate his mother Estee founded — but he has focused much of his career on diplomacy and politics. President Ronald Reagan appointed him U.S. ambassador to Austria from 1986 to 1987 — a time he has said shaped him due to experiencing instances of anti-Semitism. Before that, he served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for European & NATO affairs from 1983 to 1986.

He cited four reasons for the recent wave of anti-Semitism across Europe: A minority of Muslim immigrants adopting radical Islamic values, the rise of small Neo-Nazi extremist groups, “an educated, elitist class” having “a pathological hatred of Israel,” and social media aiding the spread of propaganda.


Lauder, who represents Jewish communities across 100 countries, pointed to meeting with Jewish leaders in Rome last fall. He said they told him that their children and grandchildren will “definitely” immigrate to more welcoming countries, and that they estimated the Jewish community in Italy’s capital would disappear in 25 years.

“There is a hatred growing throughout Europe that is causing Jews to wonder if they should leave. They are asking if there is a future for Jews on that continent,” he said.

Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., who chairs the subcommittee, said Lauder’s question of “Where is the United States?” is the “all important question.” Smith will co-chair the newly created task force looking to tackle anti-semitism.

“In some countries, progress has indeed been made — institutions to fight anti-Semitism have been created, and they have done excellent work. But it has not been enough to reverse the new anti-Semitism in Europe, and failed miserably to anticipate and prevent the arrival of jihadist anti-Semitism in Europe,” Smith said.


He also launched a campaign last year to push museums to return art stolen by the Nazis to the descendants of their original owners. He created and now heads the Committee for Art Recovery, which has seen success so far in establishing international laws to recover the stolen art, and has already begun retrieving it.

Perhaps that hit home for him: He’s a massive art collector himself, and FORBES estimates that his more than 4,000 works are now worth more than $1 billion.

This last little tidbit about retrieving “stolen art” just screams “JEW SCAM!” to me. This Committee for Art Recovery is more than likely stealing art, not retrieving stolen art.

There is definitely more news about anti-semitism in the media. There was the instance of Harvey Weinstein calling on Jews to organize like the mafia, even though they are already organized that way in some respects. I personally welcome these cries about anti-semitism. People have been focused on racism too long. Now it’s time for Jews to take center stage. This seems to be the only time in history that Jews have been universally blameless. Time for us to return to the norm, where anti-semitism prevails. Thanks Israel!


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