Google Sponsors CODE2040 in Program to Prop Up Nonwhite Techies

That nose though.

That nose though.

Initially, I didn’t think this was going to be worth writing about, until I saw that the name of the group Google is sponsoring is called “CODE2040.” I thought, 2040 is about the year that projections claim whites will become a minority here in the States. And sure enough, the lady who runs the nonprofit organization, Laura Weidman Powers, admits that this is the exact reason why she named her organization CODE2040. Maybe 2040 is a “CODE” for White Genocide?

Just look at the cover photo and it’s caption on the nonprofit’s main page: This is the future of Tech, featuring people who “do not look like you and me.” Everything about this screams “filthy Jew(ess),” even though I can’t prove that the founder and CEO is a Jewess. But let’s look at some indicators: Firstly, she is mixed, not full black. This obviously leaves room for her to be half Jewish. Next, the name Weidman sounds Jewey enough, and it is a known Jewish name. Thirdly, this is a nonprofit organization, which also gives me Jewey vibes. Look at her current and past sponsors. With big names like Chase, Google, LinkedIn, Royal Bank of Canada, Stanford, United Negro College Fund, AOL/TechCrunch, American Express, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, you can’t exactly call this a grassroots (aka nonJewish) organization. The icing on the cake is the recent $775k grant donated to CODE2040 by Joogle.

Also, in the video that comes with the article, she has a very Barbara Spectre-ish attitude about the future:

“Diversity is important to the tech sector because the tech sector needs innovation, it needs talent, it needs to grow, and frankly, [it needs] to survive. CODE2040 gets its name from the fact that in 2040 people of color will be the majority in the US.”

Of course, to “skeptics” of the Jewish War Against Humanity, none of this sounds like any credible evidence that she’s Jewish. That’s great if these people feel that way, because this blog is not for those people. To those of us who “get it,” this is all pretty decent evidence that she is likely a Jew. I think she is a Jew, but I can’t prove it. It’s important to point this out because we all know that the Jews That Count are out to get Whitey, and this is a perfect microcosm that represents the macrocosm. However, this would still be worth writing about even if she wasn’t Jewish herself.

The whiting out of America is already inevitable, so bringing blacks and latinos into the tech force is necessary if it is to survive, according to Powers. Maybe this is because she believes at some point, there will be no white people left to do the day to day work? Could this be because a white minority will not be allowed to work in the tech sector once the Jews That Count have accomplished their mission? Do Powers and her Jewish handlers find it necessary to prop up as many nonwhite tech companies as possible as soon as possible, while there are still white people around to lend a helping, if not suicidal, hand? Do she and her handlers find it necessary to find and prop up as many of the highest IQ blacks and latinos possible as soon as possible, in order to maintain more than a cesspool once the white race has been neutralized and/or destroyed?

I have no idea of the answers to these questions. I don’t know if it’s a conscious conspiracy or just the side effects of the general Jewish War Against Humanity. I do however feel that these questions are important to us and should be asked.

All other things being equal, meaning, in a world without Jewish Supremacism, I would not have any problems with any organization that advocates for this or that racial group. The problem is that it is politically incorrect and bordering on illegal for any groups to advocate for the white race in any manner whatsoever. This obvious double standard has fatal consequences for our people, sooner than later if we sit idly by and let these Jewish freaks have their way with the world.

Okay, all that said, let’s get to the USA Today article itself:

Google backs 3-city program for black, Latino techies


“There is no question that Silicon Valley is the epicenter of the tech world, and as such there’s huge opportunity for impact on inclusion in tech,” says Laura Weidman Powers, co-founder and CEO of CODE2040, who came to Austin to announce the launch of the new program at a SXSW panel Monday morning.

“However, working on diversity issues in Silicon Valley means going against the status quo,” she says. “(It means) trying to change the ratio of employees at large companies, trying to bring inclusive techniques to established hiring practices and trying to infiltrate relatively closed, powerful networks.”

That work, says Powers, is crucial in Silicon Valley because it houses the headquarters of some of the world’s most powerful tech companies, which can set an example for the rest of the tech world.

But spreading to smaller tech hubs also presents an opportunity, she says.

“Here, rather than trying to change what is, we are trying to shape what might be. In smaller tech ecosystems around the country, often the cultures and norms around talent and inclusion are not yet set. We have the opportunity to help these places bake inclusion into their DNA from the ground up,” Powers says. “It’s an opportunity to create whole ecosystems where we never see the divides we see in Silicon Valley.”

She has such a Jewish way with words. Basically, it’s too early to start forcing whites out of Silicon Valley’s work force, so the strategy is to begin forming nonwhite work forces from the ground up (of course with the bazillions of dollars given freely by her Jewish backers. Royal Bank of Canada, seriously?!) Maybe we could follow her example. Instead of trying to force all the nonwhites out of the whole United States, which, at the moment, is unacceptably bloody and basically impossible, we need to start building small white communities from the ground up.

Sooner or later, the alienated and disgruntled white techies will gladly help us, having had their livelihoods ripped from them by the Jews and the only-to-willing nonwhites. This is where we come in: day after day, year after year, producing pro white propaganda and providing all the relevant information, and making it available for the future members of our struggle who will be absolutely vital. We may not have the money that our enemies do, but we do have our enemies working a program that will radicalize key members of our struggle, free of charge!


5 thoughts on “Google Sponsors CODE2040 in Program to Prop Up Nonwhite Techies

  1. From my search on this Laura Weidman Powers I found that her paternal grandfather is Jewish. In his wikipedia article it list him as an American playwright and novelist, but further down on the page there’s this little nugget; Joel Shatzky, Michael Taub, “Jerome Weidman (1913- )”, Contemporary Jewish-American novelists: a bio-critical sourcebook, Greenwood Press (July 30, 1997), pp 457–460

    As I skim through his obituary, Jerome pissed the Jewish community off with his writings.

    Weidman’s vision was an essentially bleak and jaundiced one, his debut novel, I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1937), a savage indictment of New York’s notorious garment trade and what he saw as the human vermin that ran parts of it, and especially the book’s villain – though “villain” in the context is far too soft and Victorian a word to use in conjunction with his predatory and grasping Harry Bogen, who would sacrifice anything to gain a buck. Though there was a comic bedrock to the novel, Weidman’s concentration on the sheer nastiness of many of his characters disturbed the critics, particularly those from the Jewish community, who were angered by what they felt was Weidman’s “treachery” to his race.

    Weidman, only 24, hit back by pointing out that he had a responsibility as a writer to tell the truth as he had experienced it (he had, after all, grown up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and his first job after high school had actually been as an office-boy in the garment business itself). His stand was supported by Ernest Hemingway, who wrote him a letter which famously included the line “Don’t let them get you down, kid . . .”
    However, if certain of the critics were angered by I Can Get It For You Wholesale, they were infuriated by Weidman’s follow-up What’s In It For Me? (1938), an even harsher tale of amorality and greed set against the teeming backdrop of Manhattan’s small-business quarter. Protests from the Jewish community in particular forced Weidman’s publishers, Simon and Schuster, to agree to cease printing the book, though only at the end of the year – by which time the novel had in any case achieved runaway- bestseller status, and Weidman himself an interesting notoriety.

    So, you can now safely say she is a jewess!


      • No problem, I really hate when wikipedia or news outlets refer to a person as an american whatever yet further down you’ll read that their parents or grandparents are Jewish. Sometimes its not that easy to find the connection through wikipedia alone. In this case I searched her name along with her husband’s name and found the 2011 marriage announcement which contained her grandfathers name.

        I guess she hasn’t followed in her grandfather’s footsteps since it appears she is loved by the jewish community.


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