Notable Headlines, Commentaries, and Youtubes 4/14/15

It’s been over a week since my last one, so this will be pretty extensive. I will be covering all the pertinent stuff on Wednesday on Renegade Broadcasting. Considering that I have committed to doing weekly radio shows, I don’t think I’ll have time to do write ups anymore. Just the round ups.


Michael Bloomberg reportedly ‘considering’ running for mayor of London

Soldiers Were Lectured On ‘White Privilege’ At Equal Opportunity Briefing

Army says diversity training sent wrong signal about ‘white privilege’

Alabama: “#WhiteGenocide” message covered up

Dutch Soccer fans boast Nazi heritage at game, chant ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas’

Italy rescues 1500 migrants in Mediterranean in one day

Poll: Yes to more aggressive deportations, no to welfare, citizenship for kids of illegals


White prof: white people suffer from ‘white fragility

Millennials are just about as racist as their parents

White professors sue Alabama State for discrimination

Another eleven black on white murders

Unhappy Jewish America

White House Mocks Bibi on Twitter

Clorox tweet can’t be bleached away

Marine Le Pen, Leader of France’s National Front Party, Splits With Her Father, Its Founder

Far-right French party founder Le Pen rebuffs daughter’s call to quit

France’s Le Pen pulls out of election after row with daughter

Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Rivarol Interview

Latest White House feature: Gender-neutral restroom

Obama Rhetoric on Israel Sets a New Precedent

Rand Paul calls for decriminalizing everything that disproportionately incarcerates blacks

Bond Can’t Be Black, Says First Black Bond Villian Yaphet Kotto

Afrikaner singer chains herself to vandalised South African statue

Satellite Feed Drops Stormfront and David Duke Radio

DC lawyer was lured to his death over craigslist

The president of Ecuador just tweeted “Heil Hitler”

Negro-Jap Beauty Demands Nation be Flooded with Third-World Hordes

The Personification of ‘He Didn’t Do Nothing’…Shock as black judge expresses racial solidarity with black home invader

Black Judge Slams White Child’s “Black Men”

Fear: Black-Run America (BRA) Moves Irrevocably to a Judgement of its Own Making

Walter Scott may have attacked Slager after all

Surprise: Walter Scott’s passenger is a known gangbanger

Fight racist demons, top EU lawmaker says at Nazi camp ceremony


On Jewish Privilege and the “Dictator Mentality”

Game of Thrones and the Promotion of Incest by Jewish Hollywood

Is It Fashionable to be Mentally Retarded?

“White Privilege” and the New Rhetoric of Anti-Semitism [Enemy commentary, durr]

How the Jews took over America

Colin Liddell, “The Need for German Moral Rearmament” | Counter-Currents Publishing

Lewis Carroll: Another Intelligent Man of History Who Hated Jews

Does Jewishness matter?

Officer Michael Slager, White Man

“German Women” Speech by Joseph Goebbels

The Jew as Criminal by Julius Streicher (Book and Audiobook)

Following Pro-White Backlash New Republic Shuts Down Commenting On Anti-White Article Written By A Subversive Jew

Banana Peel Thrown at Black Comedian Dave Chappelle Becomes International News Story

Radio 3Fourteen Censored by Apple’s iTunes

Common Core and the Myth of Equality

Does the Holocaust Discount Jewish White Privilege? [Enemy commentary]

The Saker interviews Gilad Atzmon

We’ve Had Enough: Americans are Shifting to the Right on Immigration

The Jew who caused the Second World War

The Decline of White Democrats

Why is Australia raising tribute monuments to the ANZAC killer Ataturk?

Get Ready For Another Giant Negro CRAPFEST!

80% of Israelis fear “Holocaust” will eventually be forgotten

Might is Right 2.0



The Great Con (Part I)

The Bright Side of Diversity – The Emergence of Pan-European Nationalism

Is White Self-Hatred A Mental Disorder?

Traitorous Media Now PC-ing America Like Crazy

Commander Breivik’s Warning

Stalin’s Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR

“Good War, Better Peace” by Thomas Goodrich

The Tyranny of “Black Lives Matter”

A law enforcement veteran speaks in defense of Michael Slager



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