Snarky Anonymous Antifa Freak attacks the Fascist Lemming

Well, at least I know I’m being effective. I’ve taken the notice of the Antifa terrorists, and have received bigoted hatemongering from their direction.

This is the price of courage, my friends. Should I cower and go under the radar because of this? No way. Like I said in my video yesterday, the enemy will claim that our activism is nothing and no big deal, yet here they are stalking us and obsessing over us. Me personally, it has never occurred to me to look up Professor Poe’s facebook, infiltrate it, and start stalking his people. That doesn’t mean that the blog is from Poe, which I doubt, because if it was him he would just openly post as himself. I also am not saying that whoever put me out like this infiltrated anyone’s facebook; I’ve always been pretty open about my identity. Never one to obsess over my privacy settings on Facebook.

No matter what happens to me, I’ll never stop advocating for my people or against our enemy. We can’t let Antifa terrorists bully us into the underground. We must have courage, and be brave. None of the hereos of our struggle have been anonymous. I’m not advocating that everyone wrecklessly give away their information like I did. I’m just saying, we need to be as courageous as possible without robbing our children of having food on the table in the process.

Here’s my video response.


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