Trangender People Upset to have to Follow Laws that Make Sense

Trans people are taking #Occupotty selfies to fight bathroom legislation

Michael Hughes, a transgender man from Rochester, Minn., uses the men’s room. But a recently proposed state law dictates that high school students in Minnesota will have to use bathrooms according to their assigned gender at birth, and that’s a big concern for trans people in the North Star State.

As a teen, “just going to the bathroom in high school was a nightmare for me,” Hughes told local station KTTC. “I would get nauseous just at the thought of having to go.”

So he’s fighting back by heading to the women’s restroom instead, tweeting a mirror selfie with a friend alongside a brief caption and the hashtag #Occupotty.

Minnesota is not the only state to usher in legislation requiring that people use restrooms according to their birth sex. Florida and Texas have introduced similar bills, and the Canadian Senate recently passed an amendment requiring trans people to use restrooms in accordance with their assigned gender rather than their gender identity. Sen. Donald Plett, who authored the legislation, told the Times Colonist that it was intended to protect vulnerable women from having to share a space with someone who is “biologically male.”

Those who are directly affected by the bill, however, don’t quite agree that Sen. Plett’s amendment is magnanimous toward trans people. “[The amendment] is actually giving predators a chance and an opportunity. People think, ‘Why’s this girl in the washroom? She must be looking for a guy,’” 23-year-old trans woman Brae Carnes told the Times Colonist. 

Carnes kicked off a bathroom-selfie hashtag campaign, prompting trans people to tweet selfies in men’s restrooms with the hashtag #PlettPutMeHere and#WeJustNeedToPee.

Now Hughes wants to organize a protest at the state capitol as well as a more formal photoshoot in a women’s restroom. He hopes his hashtag campaign will help lawmakers understand how important it is for trans people to have their own safe spaces and use their restrooms of choice. “I’m hoping that even the most conservative lawmakers and voters will be able to look at them, take a step back,” he told KTTC.

[Sorry for not posting the pictures here. I use this blog to help me with my live radio broadcasts and at the moment, the computer I’m using is way to slow and unreliable for there to be images here. Once I upgrade, I will add pictures. Anyway, click the headline to see the pictures. You have to see them to believe it.]

These militant freaks are showing how much they mean business. As freaks, they get a free pass to take pictures in the bathroom, something normal people wouldn’t dream of doing nor would ever need to do as a form of activism. And let’s face it, they are freaks. Some of them are victims of the freakish Jewish mindset of their parents, regardless of whether or not the parents in question are actually Jews. To be willing to egg your prepubescent child on with their confusion about which gender they want to be or think they are, then you are basically a Jew in practice, if not by religion or by birth. I think these parents should have their parental rights stripped and the children put in the custody of vetted normal people. If they really want to be freaks, they can wait till they’re adults like the rest of the transgendereds. At least that gives them a chance to change their mind once puberty sets in.

I agree with the law that forces transgendered to use the bathroom of the gender they were “assigned with” at birth. This way, the militancy of their mental illness can be displayed for all the world to see. Everytime an unsuspecting normal white man sees a she-male in his bathroom, he will see for himself that the excessive persistance of the lgbt cause has no credibility at all, and that the uplifting of normal people is what really needs to be a cause worth fighting for. He will see that this is not about the empowerment of people who identify as lgbt, but the disenfranchisement of normal people everywhere. Especially normal white people, since normal nonwhites have been elevated to protected status and therefore are collectively at odds with the white race by default.

Even in a perfect libertarian world where being transgendered in and of itself is a victimless crime, the fact remains that transgenderism and all other forms of degeneracy are anti-family by definition, and are therefore even more harmful than individual acts of physical violence.


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