Notable Headlines 3/18/15

Mainstream Headlines:

TLC to Air Transgender Teen Reality Series

Refugee women, children rebuild lives in Arizona

Japan accepts just 11 asylum seekers from record 5,000 applying in 2014

Tea Party Is ‘Bald-Faced Racists,’ White Privilege Conference Speaker Tells Sea Of White People

Tim Wise supporter charged with felony for punching campus cop in the balls

Rudy Giuliani: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Should Be ‘Commended’ For Shooting Michael Brown

Illegal alien smugglers & hispanic drug cartel members have ‘infiltrated’ many police departments in South Texas

Tim Wise event at Hofstra University is a flop

How the Nazis bombed thousands of Germans – for TARGET PRACTICE: Uncovered classified documents reveal how Hitler used cities to test V-2 rockets

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?

‘I hate everything about this country!’ Azealia Banks attacks ‘fat white Americans’ in scathing rant as she covers Playboy

David Duke Accuses GOP of Selling Soul to ‘Jewish Power’, Calls Netanyahu a ‘Crazy Jew’

White Guilt With That Flat White? Starbucks Targets White Employees–and Customers–For Possibly Illegal Racial Harassment

Notable Blog Posts:

Old, but good: How the Jews Won the West

Jewish Author Harry Waton Admitted that Communism is Jewish, Hitler was Right and the Jews Aim to Conquer the World

Habits of Highly Effective Racists

Irreconcilable Differences: The Case for Racial Divorce


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