Dindu Nuffin Weekly: 10 New Black on White Murders

Don’t wanna dwell on this harsh reality but ignoring it is a crime against the victims and their families. The Jews That Count must be held accountable for this epidemic. And, instead of sending these animals to prison where they can wreak more havoc, they should be deported to Africa upon conviction. And that’s regardless of the race of their victim. If you kill people, you have to go back to your homelands. I’m sure the US government could easily broker a deal with an African country of its choosing if it really wanted to. Just set up the arrangements and rid ourselves of these rapists and murderers.

[Thanks to the Council of Conservative Citizens for this list. All I did was copy, paste, and write a paragraph.]

Ten new black on white murders

We have asked the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], #BlackLivesMatters, and various other left-wing groups for examples of white on black murders. So far we have only found four in 2014, and one in 2015.

Our 2014 sampling of black on white murders is now up to 401.

Our 2015 sampling of black on white murders is already up to 53. (we have already documented 32 just for January of 2015)

3/16/15 – Karter Alderman, 17, was shot and killed when a black male invaded his home in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

3/14/15 – Pamela-Ann Kynazher, 19, was shot and killed by two black males at a gas station in Richmond, VA.

3/13/15 – Steve Dillard, 55, was murdered by a black male while running a foster home for troubled youth in Louisville, KY.

3/12/15 – Josh Richey, 38, was shot and killed by black males in a Kroger parking lot in Atlanta, GA.

3/11/15 – Matthew Hagerty, 24, was murdered by three black males in Brevard County, FL. The suspects are aged 15-19.

3/10/15 –  Casey Lindley, 27, was shot and killed by a black male in Ogden, KS.

3/7/15 – Dawn Davis Kirkland, 51, was killed while riding her motorcycle in Lexington, SC. The perp is a black male who was driving drunk and drinking from an open container while he was driving. Other victims were also injured.

2/17/15 – Jason Stovall, 33, was shot and killed by a black male in Malvern, AR. A white female victim was also shot and seriously injured.

1/31/15 – Amy Murphy, 20, was killed and her body set on fire in Clarksville, TN. Two black males and a Latino female have been charged with murder. A black female and a white male were charged as accessories. The victim had three small children.

3/22/14 – Christian Wood, 22, was stabbed to death by a black male in a nightclub in Davenport, IA.


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