The Black Privilege of Violent Thugs at OU

As expected, in the face of the SAE debacle at Oklahoma University, example after example of primarily nonwhite students receiving lighter punishments for far worse, violent crimes comes to light. Before I go over an article from the Daily Caller demonstrating these cases of hypocrisy, I want to share a statement given by Angelo John Gage, chairman of the National Youth Front:

Some people have messaged me asking to go support the White students at [OU] who are being suspended because of their racist chant. Well, we do not support the use of racial slurs or songs that say “you can hang a nigger from a tree.” Now we do understand the fact that if a Black frat had a song saying “kill whitey”, or ” no crackers can sign with me”, nothing would probably happen. In fact, there are anti-white classes and black professors who have said a ton anti-white things that have gone unpunished. But due to the nature of these White students’ actions, we cannot help nor do we want to help. We are here to stop the defamation of White people, not protect Whites from defaming and mocking other races. We are here to teach White people to be noble men and women, to grow past their fear and their guilt in order to awaken their racial awareness and European soul. Unfortunately for the students at UO, they have only reopened old wounds and given our enemies the ammo they need to continuously defame White people. NYF does not stand behind Whites who make things worse for our cause.

I share this statement with the reader because I strongly, strongly agree with it. Not that I believe that their use of racial slurs in any way justifies the aftermath of the media exposure of the incident. Frankly, I’m enraged that the Daily Mail article covering the mob of anti-white black protesters who forced SAE family members to flee their homes took a focus on the value of the homes of the parents that the SAE members in question live in. The antiwhite media leaves no opportunity to agitate nonwhites unexploited. In the meantime, they ignore brutal, vicious, and often deadly attacks by racially motivated nonwhites against whites.

Anyway, on to the Daily Caller article:

Oklahoma: Tough On Racism, Weak On Assault, Burglary

University of Oklahoma president David Boren’s immediate expulsion of students involved with a recently-leaked racist video stands in sharp contrast to the lighter treatment the school has given to football players found responsible for violent crimes. (RELATED: Oklahoma Frat Shut Down After Racist Video Leaks)

Just two days after a video leaked of Oklahoma students, mostly freshmen, singing a racist song on a bus, Boren took decisive action by summarily expelling two students he claims played a leading roll in the chant. The students, he said, had created a “hostile learning environment” for other students and had to be kicked out immediately, with no opportunity to reform. Boren has suggested that more expulsions could be on the way. (RELATED: OU Could Be Making A Huge Mistake With Its Expulsions)

“There is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma,” Boren said.

However, while Boren might have zero tolerance for racist songs sung in private, Boren and OU have taken a very different approach to the privileged members of the school’s elite college football team, emphasizing the importance of second chances and allowing the team to welcome back players with a history of violence and even sexual assault. (RELATED: Oklahoma Frat Song Was Racist, But Was Still Free Speech)

One such player was Joe Mixon, a freshman and one of the top football prospects for the Sooners. Last July, Mixon was caught on video in an altercation with another OU student, 20-year-old junior Amelia Rae Molitor. During the altercation, Mixon punched Molitor so hard he broke four bones in her face and knocked her unconscious.

You see, white men speaking in private, saying things that hurt the feelings of black people, immediately have their futures stripped from them. You are not ever allowed to hurt the feelings of black folks, and this goes far beyond the incident at OU. In the meantime, a black man knocks a white woman unconscious and breaks her face in the same university, yet he receives a punishment far lighter than the white racists even though his crime involved actual pain, suffering and trauma to his white victim.

Last October, Mixon accepted a plea deal on a misdemeanor assault charge, and was punished with a year-long deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and mandatory counseling. The video of his assault has never been released, but president Boren has seen it.

This is in stark contrast with the SAE students having international media releasing their video. They said a few unsavory things, but a black football player assaults someone and they protect him by keeping the footage of the assault from being released. This should be outrageous to any white person with more than two brain cells. Unfortunately, too many of these white folks are actually spending their time cheering on Mixon as he still allowed to play football while they have no clue of his crime, don’t care, or, in the worst case, actually blame her for being assaulted.

Despite his conviction, Mixon faced a comparatively light punishment compared to the massive crackdown on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon students. He was suspended from the team for the season, but faced no other repercussions, remaining on campus and continuing to attend classes like any other student.

In February, Mixon was allowed to rejoin the football team.

Boren, at the time, said that while Mixon’s behavior was abhorrent, it was important to grant second chances.

It is extremely important that Mixon be given the second chance to assault more of our women. This is the antiwhite nature of our society. Absolutely no justice for the very real Amelia Rae Molitor, who suffered real pain, while there is swift justice for the hordes of black folks who had their feelings hurt after the Jewish media put the SAE video on the display. Black feelings are more important than White physical pain. That is the moral here.

“The judicial outcome and the video speak for themselves,” Boren said. “The University is an educational institution, which always sets high standards that we hope will be upheld by our students. We hope that our students will all learn from those standards, but at the same time, we believe in second chances so that our students can learn and grow from life’s experiences.”

Boren’s mercy towards Mixon raises the question of whether he believes violence against women merits a second chance, but not racist words.

Mixon’s case is hardly the only one of the University promoting second chances for gifted athletes, even in the past year. Another recent case involving the Sooner football team is that of Dorial Green-Beckham, a wide receiver prospect who was hyped as a Randy Moss-caliber talent upon graduating from high school.

Green-Beckham originally attended the University of Missouri, but was kicked off the team after multiple drug arrests as well as an incident where he allegedly forced his way into a woman’s home, violently threatened her and then shoved another woman down the stairs. Green-Beckham likely would have faced assault and burglary charges, but police closed the case after the women involved said they did not want to press charges and became uncooperative.

This is what happens when deracinated white men have been raised with the mythology of white guilt. These women are so terrified of these black animals that they keep their mouths shut. If they could count on us to protect and defend them from these animals, the victims would have been brave enough to ensure that these animals are put behind bars.

Despite his extremely troubled history, Green-Beckham was accepted at OU, which subsequently pushed for Green-Beckham to be allowed to immediately play rather than missing a year as per NCAA rules regarding transfers.

In yet another case, a school investigation found that linebacker Frank Shannon had violated the school’s sexual misconduct policy after he reportedly attempted to have sex with an unwilling woman at his apartment. Far from being immediately expelled, Shannon was instead suspended for one year, a stern punishment but far below the one given for racism.

Here we see the Daily Caller, while pointing out the hypocrisy of the punishment of the SAE fraternity, protecting Frank Shannon by using nice terms such as “attempted to have sex with an unwilling woman” instead of putting it more honestly, “attempting to rape an unwilling woman.” Far from being remorseful for his crime, Shannon appealed the one year suspension.

Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of cases of Sooners receiving almost no punishment at all for endangering the lives of others by driving under the influence. For instance, in 2013 defensive end Chuka Ndulue was suspended for just a single game after pleading no contest to a DUI charge and receiving a deferred sentence.

White man, wake up!


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