Mentally Ill White Woman Leads the Charge to Further “Diversify” the US Air Force

Not only does “diversity” mean chasing down the last white person, it is also a code word for white genocide. This is proven by the fact that the push for “diversity” is only going on in historically white nations.

James announces 9 steps to a more diverse Air Force

Troubled by a lack of women and minorities at the Air Force’s higher levels, its leaders are rolling out nine initiatives focusing on recruitment, promotions and retention. Some are new ideas. Others are existing programs that will be enhanced, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said.

This is absolutely insane on two fronts: firstly, the term “minority” implies that they would not be as represented as the group of people who make up the majority. Secondly, the military has never been a place for women, outside of the medical field. They claimed to be troubled by the lack of women and minorites in the Air Force’s higher levels, but the reality is that the Jews That Count will not stand for a White leadership in any branch of the military and will continue their agenda to stamp us out of existence until we fight back or until they are successful. In my opinion, they will not be successful, but not for lack of trying.

James said the initiatives will help the service keep pace with what she sees as its single biggest threat — the rapid pace of change.

“This is not just about how we look. It’s about our readiness and capabilities today and in the future,” she said during an event on women and leadership in the military, sponsored by the Center for New American Security.

James and Gen. Mark Welsh, the Air Force chief of staff, sent a memo Wednesday to all service members outlining the initiatives. Another memo makes the argument that the service must diversify to retain its military superiority.

These people are clearly traitors who should be arrested immediately. There is no evidence that diversification and cultural marxism are phenomena that increase military capability. Quite the contrary, these two agendas coupled together have resulted in nothing less than a rape epidemic and the destruction of unit cohesion. The Air Force secretary and Chief of Staff are nothing more than traitorous criminals are on board with the degradation of US military superiority. If this were not the case, they would at least be against having women on the battle field and in high positions. Having male minorities is one thing, but having women around especially leads to excessive political correctness, rape, and blackmail. Of course these two criminals are just doing what the Jewish Crime Syndicate has ordered them to do, whether they know it or not.

Women make up 19 percent of the Air Force. But they are twice as likely as men to cut their military careers short, James noted. Furthermore, she said, both women and people of color are underrepresented in the pilot ranks. She attributed the imbalance to a male-oriented military culture, rigid regulations and laws.

The authorities need to arrest her and admit her to the nearest mental health hospital for spewing such nonsense. White men invented the airplane. It’s in our blood. Women are primarily meant to be mothers, not to be fighter jet pilots. But of course, this woman is insane and should be removed from her position as Air Force secretary. She herself is an example of the problem with having women playing military roles other than medical ones.

The nine initiatives foreshadow more changes ahead, she said. The Defense Department has directed all services to open combat roles to women. In response, the Air Force plans to set gender-neutral standards for all jobs, including those in the seven career fields now closed to women. The service is “working its ways through the process” and has several other initiatives that are “not quite ready for prime time,” James said.

None will be a silver bullet, she said.

“I expect this will be a journey in all of the military and it will be up to me, and people like me, to keep on it with persistence, focus and leadership,” she said.

Getting into the Air Force

To boost the number of female officer applicants, the service will set a target of 30 percent. Women now make up a quarter of the pool. The Air Force is the only military service to implement such a goal, James said. She expects recruiters and ROTC leaders will have to adjust their strategies and build new partnerships with outside organizations to attract more women.

“Adjust their strategies” is just a nice way of saying, “lower their standards.” That’s the way it already is in the military: women have lower standards for physical fitness than males do. This itself is proof that the military acknowledges the difference between men and women. Obviously, strength and endurance go a long way on the battle field, and men have more of each than women on average. It takes more strength and endurance to hunt down animals and gather plants to feed the wife and children at home. Apparently Nature itself is just a bigoted, misogynist hater, and only enforcing quotas can put Nature in its place.


Staying in

Two groups key to an airman’s career have received new instructions to boost the number of women and minorities promoted through the ranks. Career development teams are analyzing barriers, such as the lack of flexibility that causes many women to leave the service when they start families. Promotion boards are considering whether candidates have proven that they can lead in diverse, inclusive environments.

“Those who cannot or choose not to understand that point aren’t going to thrive in our Air Force as much as those who do,” she said, while acknowledging that laws and regulations limit what promotion boards can do.

Does it get any more anti-family or antiwhite than that? Women should be at home raising their newly born children, not piloting fighter jets. Of course, the Jews That Count and their traitorous white collaborators would prefer these women stay in the field and deployed in wastelands like Iraq and Afghanistan so the children can be raised by the media and the state.

It also appears that the plan is to make cultural marxism the new religion of the military. Those white men who don’t go along with their own alienation and who refuse to accept being held down because of their race and gender will find it more difficult to receive promotions. Even the mentally ill white men who love cultural marxism will have to take a back seat to women and minorities. I can’t emphasize how outrageous and insane this is.


On sexual assault, “We’re doing better but not well enough.”

The military’s inability to wipe out sexual assaults has been a persistent thorn as it tries to diversify its ranks. In recent years, the Air Force has been at the center of the problem. Dozens of female students have reported being assaulted by male instructors at its training center at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas .

Since then, James said, the Air Force has made some — but not enough — progress. Studies by the Defense Department and RAND, the think tank, show the prevalence of sexual assaults in the service has declined even though the number of incidents reported has increased. That shows more victims feel comfortable admitting they’ve been assaulted, she said.

James has spoken privately with sexual assault response coordinators at 60 bases, she said.

“They tell me it’s like night and day in terms of the focus this [issue] receives,” she said.

Yet nearly two-thirds of reported victims throughout the military said they’ve experienced retaliation because they came forward. In the Air Force, it’s usually peers, not supervisors, retaliating against a victim, James said. The service will increase training to focus on the problem, she said.

This is a fine example of why women shouldn’t be in the military in the first place. This is exacerbated by the increase of minorities in the military, if the rape of 30k plus white women by black men in the US overall is any indicator.

White men who serve in the military, and decent human beings everywhere, it is up to you to expose this reality to the world. No one should stand for this madness. I know I don’t.


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