French premier says far-right leader Le Pen could win 2017 presidential race

France’s prime minister has raised the possibility that far-right leader Marine Le Pen could win the 2017 presidential election.

Manuel Valls said on Sunday that he fears for his country.

In an interview with iTele TV, Valls said Le Pen’s National Front “is at the doors of power” and she could become president.

I’ve been keeping my eyes on France. It seems like France is ahead of the rest of Europe in terms of its rising nationalistic and anti-Jew sentiment. It’s very nice to see this happening. It’s ironic because of all the insults that Americans have hurled in France’s general direction over the years. I have to say that, at the moment, France is my favorite European country. We can only hope or pray that Marine Le Pen is not controlled opposition or is not compromised in the future. I’m not saying I think she is controlled opposition, but I never rule out that possibility for any of the world leaders or anyone else in the mainstream limelight who seem to be sympathetic to our struggle.

Considering the wreckage the Jews That Count and their hordes have wrought over Europe in recent years, it’s to be expected that real opposition is going to form against them. I see the same thing happening here in the US. Things are going to continue to get interesting.

Full article here:


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