White US children will be minorities by 2020 after immigrant ‘baby boom’, Census reveals

The only time whiteness is pointed out in a headline is if a white person kills a nonwhite person, or if the Jewish-owned media is gloating about our impending minority status.

White children will be outnumbered by minority kids in the United States in just five years, new Census Bureau projections reveal.

This is the result of an ongoing trend of declining birth among white Americans and a baby boom among immigrant groups, as well as a surge in immigration.

The question is, why is there a declining birth rate among whites? The end of the article will have you believe that our birthrates are dropping because we have high incomes, but I disagree. Our birthrates are dropping for a number of reasons, and I’ll quickly go over the two most pressing reasons why here.

One, the promotion of race mixing by the Jewish-owned media is duping a lot of young and trendy white folks to miscegenate. I have no issue with people who get caught up with miscegenatious babes, I know I have, but that’s because I was raised by the Jewish media. I don’t race mix anymore, but that’s because I had to overcome almost 30 years of Jewish brainwashing.

I know a number of my teammates will have a serious problem with this, and that’s fine. It’s not the end of the world. As long as we are pro white, that’s what matters. I’m putting this on the record so I have an easier time dealing with cultural marxist bigots who accuse me of being a “white supremacist.” Also, making this known will hopefully make my content more appealing to our brothers and sisters who are on the fence and may join us. They’ll see someone they can relate to. It’s not the mixed race couple down the street that I take issue with, it’s the Jews That Count that I take issue with, because, without them, race mixing and the associated black on white bruality would be dramatically reduced. Sure, I am heartbroken just about every time I see a young white woman dating outside of her race, but every time I see that, I’m just reminded of who my true enemy is.

Another obvious reason is because the Jewish-owned financial system is intentionally destroying our economy in a number of ways. On top of that, affirmative action and the Civil Rights Act in general is a direct attack against the White race, and our wallets and bank accounts have been bleeding out ever since. White people aren’t having babies because they can’t afford to, while an obscene number of nonwhite citizens and illegal Mexicans are being paid to have children.

By the year 2020, 50.2percent of all children in the US are expected to be non-white, according to the Census. By 2044, whites will be outnumbered by minorities.

The Census study, released this week, predicts that by year 2060, nearly 20percent of the population will be foreign born – thanks to an influx of 64million new immigrants.


Demographers estimate that by 2060, the population of the United States will increase by 98million – from 319million to 417million people.

Even so, the overall population growth of the nation will slow considerably over the next 40 years – as immigrants and the children of immigrants reach higher incomes, their fertility rates will drop – like native-born whites have.

False. If anything, nonwhite birth rates will drop because there won’t be enough white people around to support the welfare complex. Since the Jews That Count will presumably continue to promote cultural pride in non-European immigrants and the rap-thug culture, it’s a safe bet that the nonwhite men of 2055 will not compare to the white men of today. They will not assimilate into American culture and they will not have enough self-respect or dignity to be productive citizens or father figures. It will be little more than a third world cesspool without any white people to pay their way for them, and that’s why they won’t be having kids every five seconds.

Full article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2979739/More-HALF-children-minorities-2020-immigrant-baby-boom.html


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