Nearly 1,000 Libyan migrants heading for Europe are rescued from the Mediterranean in just 24 hours


In the 24 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday Italy’s Coast Guard rescued a total of 941 migrants in seven rescue operations in the Sicilian Channel, it said.

Two rubber dinghies and five boats carrying Syrians Palestinians, Tunisians, Libyans as well as sub Saharan Africans were rescued in waters about 50 miles north of Libya.

Among the rescued were more than 30 children and one pregnant woman, who was taken to hospital for urgent medical attention.

The swelling numbers demonstrate the increasing desperation of those attempting to flee the growing chaos and bloodshed in Libya.

I just wanted to show a quick example of the Jewish agenda to flood Europe with nonwhite Muslims who have a decent reason to have a chip on their shoulder. It seems that Libya was doing just fine, with their nationalist, anti-Jew World Order leader Muammar Gaddafi in control of the country. You can assume that he was anti-JWO on account of his being ousted by NATO. And to knock out a few more birds with the same carpet-bombing stone, not only has the Jew-led agenda to take Gaddafi out of power created hordes of pissed off refugees, this same Jew-led agenda has also opened the immigration floodgates into Europe via the Jew-ropean Union. Destroy nonwhite homelands with Western militaries, and flood Western countries with the victims. Quite the plan.

Full article here:


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