Passengers arrested in murder of Virginia cab driver

POSTED 11:57 AM, MARCH 3, 2015, BY , UPDATED AT 10:06AM, MARCH 4, 2015

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. — Two people were arrested for the murder of a Hopewell taxi cab driver. The Hanover Sheriff’s Office confirmed Alisa N. Dejesus, 19, and Dyshawn D. Simpson, 20, of Richmond, were charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of James Wells. Both suspects were arrested Monday on Carolina Avenue in Richmond. Both were being held without bond at Pamunkey Regional Jail. They are due back in court this May after an initial court appearance on Tuesday.


“Investigators have determined that in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 9, James M. Wells, a driver for Marshall Cab, was hired by Dejesus and Simpson for a cab fare from Hopewell to the Mechanicsville area,” Hanover Sheriff’s spokesman Major Mike Trice wrote in an email. “Upon arrival to the Mechanicsville area, an altercation occurred which incapacitated the victim. James Wells ultimately died of injuries related to the fire.”

Notice the headline. Even though photos are shown, there is no mention of the race of the perps or the victim, and no mention of whether or not anti-white racism was the motivation behind the murder. Cohencidentally, the murder occurred on the same day Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown while defending his life. We know how this story would go if the tables were turned, but since it’s just an innocent white man who was murdered by two black animals, the Jewish owned national media doesn’t care.

Full article here:


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